The problem of acid rain on our world and solutions to deal with it

Therefore, car manufacturers are required to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides and other pollutants released by new cars. The existing winds blow these acidic compounds over large areas across borders and they fall back to the ground in the form of acid rain or other forms of precipitation.

This activity and its effects are concentrated in a relatively small area of the globe. Conclusion In conclusion we should stop polluting, for example riding your car just to go to your neighbors five houses away from yours, or factories should have filters so that less pollution goes in the sky.

Also Acid Rain has a great effect on buildings and bridges. The average values there are around 4. Conserve Energy Since energy production creates large amounts of the pollutants that cause acid rain, one important step you can take is to conserve energy.

Acid rain either falls directly on aquatic bodies or gets run off the forests, roads and fields to flow into streams, rivers and lakes. Acid rain is a very big problem in our world today. Look to the future As emissions from the largest known sources of acid deposition — power plants and automobiles-are reduced, EPA scientists and their colleagues must assess the reductions to make sure they are achieving the results Congress anticipated.

Several industries have added scrubbers to their smoke stacks to reduce the amount of sulphur dioxide dumped in the atmosphere. Just think about the battery of tests that are run on you when you enter the hospital with an illness.

But how do you factor in the symbolic value of a thing like the Statue of Liberty, the cathedral at Chartres, or the Parthenon. If the distance is greater, try using public transportation. Keep your thermostat at 68 F in the winter and 72 F in the summer. The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, which was built inalready shows significant damage from acid rain, and many older objects are exhibiting even greater damage Figure 4.

Key Takeaway The damaging effects of acid rain have led to strong pressure on industry to minimize the release of harmful reactants. Acid rain also corrodes metals like steel, bronze, copper, and iron.

It may take another hundred years to bring the forests back because the only way of replenishing the soil would be through natural weathering of parent rock. If a lower life form is killed, other species that depended on it will also be affected.

A shift in ocean currents or an upwelling of the tides can radically change atmospheric composition in a relatively short amount of time.

The Acid Rain Problem

Since the midth century, these fuels have been burned on a huge scale to supply the energy needs of our modern industrial society, releasing tens of millions of tons of additional SO2 into the atmosphere annually.

When in atmosphere, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide gases and their particulate matter derivatives like sulfates and nitrates, degrades visibility and can cause accidents, leading to injuries and deaths.

A normal range is 7, for every one drop on the scale. This leaves the building weak and susceptible to decay. So for now we have to be satisfied with circumstantial evidence.

Environmental Problems

Metals also can be leached from the soil into reservoirs, or from old lead and copper pipes directly into home water supplies, causing serious illness.

Acid rain can damage the crops that grow in the soil. Forests are damaged because acid precipitation drains nutrients from the soil. These reactions happen even in the dark, but they are helped along by sunlight.

Every scientist whose research touched the enormous "Acid Rain Problem" had stressed the uncertainty of it all, the interconnectedness of so many factors in the environment—and the need for more research.

Governments all over the world have drawn up plans to tackle this problem.

The Acid Rain Problem

You can turn it even lower in the winter and higher in the summer when you are away from home. Acid rain can be prevented by saving energy, using less transportation, and switching to alternative energy sources.

Problem of Acid Rain Essay

Reducing fossil fuel consumption stops acid rain before it begins. Lowering energy consumption on a daily basis is the best way to prevent the formation of acid rain. For instance. Although the term has since faded from public consciousness, acid rain is a complex and global problem that still exists today.

What is Acid Rain? First identified in in Sweden and studied in the U.S. beginning in the s, acid rain is precipitation in the form of rain, snow, hail, dew, or fog that transports sulfur and nitrogen. All across the world, people are facing a wealth of new and challenging environmental problems everyday.

people need to be aware of what types of environmental problems our planet is facing. Acid rain is a known environmental problem that can have serious effect on human health, wildlife and aquatic species.

Water Pollution. This is “The Chemistry of Acid Rain”, section from the book Principles of General Chemistry (v. ). these fuels have been burned on a huge scale to supply the energy needs of our modern industrial society, (see Section "Aqueous Solutions"1, Problem 15).

Understand the Problem The first step you can take to help control acid rain is to understand the problem and its solutions. Now that you have learned about this environmental issue, you can tell others about it. May 01,  · How to Take Action to Reduce Acid Rain. Three Parts: While acid rain is a particular problem in North America and a few European countries, it’s still a global problem because the pollutants that cause it can be carried long distances by the wind.

The majority of the world’s energy comes from fossil fuels—in the form of natural 62%(29).

The problem of acid rain on our world and solutions to deal with it
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